Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to run your car on water - Hydrogen cell technology

How to run your car on water

      I think it is wonderful how everyone is starting to harness the power of water to fuel their vehicles. Hydrogen is a very cheap gas to produce. A hydrogen cell is a simple machine that takes the hydrogen out of the water and puts it into your cars air and fuel mixture. The best thing about using hydrogen is that there is enough hydrogen in a cup of water to power a car for miles (depending on your hydrogen cell design). So for those of you that want to learn how to run your car on water here's how it works: Water is made up of  1 part ortho hydrogen, 1 part para hydrogen, and 1 part oxygen. Oxygen is positively charged and hydrogen is negatively charged. In order to separate the oxygen and hydrogen molecules you will need to use a positive and a negative charge from strong electric currents (Electricity is how many scientist separate molecules). It takes a huge amount of electricity to split molecules apart, so for you to split the water molecules using only a car battery and a car alternator will require a little help from electrolytes. Electrolytes like salt, baking soda, and baking powder allows electric currents to flow through them. All you have to do is mix the water with an electrolyte and it will help electrify the water once you begin to charge it. To charge the water you must use  positive and negative electrodes. Stick both of them into your electrolyte mixture but DO NOT TOUCH THEM TOGETHER!!! You should start to see bubbles floating to the top. The bubbles consist of hydrogen para and hydrogen ortho. These gases a highly explosive so please be careful. Now that you know the basics of making hydrogen you now have to find a way to inject it into your vehicle and POW! You are running your vehicle on 20 to 60 percent hydrogen gas. Remember that it will take some practice and there are other things to learn before running hydrogen through your vehicle but there is another easy way to learn how to make gas at home and other gases as well with diagrams and more information.

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